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If you have recently moved into your home, you may be having difficulties in knowing who supplies your premises with energy.
Note For New Occupiers with credit meters.
We would advise you to read your utility meters now (including water if appropriate) if you have not already done so.
You may at some time in the future receive charges incurred by a previous occupier, and if you have not taken your own meter readings it will be more difficult for you to resolve any disputes.
As a new occupier (even though your energy supplies may be connected) you will need to contract with an energy supplier for the premises. But, you do have the option of picking the supplier who is best for your own circumstances.
However, initially you will still need to find out who is supplying your new home at the moment, and you should contact them (asap) to find out what tarifs you will be charged at, and what their terms and conditions are.
Save / bookmark this page now - then use the information below to find your suppliers, then you can, if you wish, come back to this site and use this information to compare prices and to see if you can do better with a different supplier, by using the postcode box at the foot of this page.

Gas - This service is provided by Xoserve Ltd.
If your gas is supplied through the national gas network, The thing that identifies your gas supply is the meter point number, you can find this out and also who bills your home by phoning the national Meter Number Helpline on 0870 608 1524.
If you need to identify the gas network to which you are connected contact the Gas Network Identity Line: 0870 1600229.
This is more complicated because there are 14 distribution network licences for elctricity distribution / generatation, but there are many more suppliers of electricity.
In addition there are as at March 2010 also six licenced Independent Distribution Network Operators, who tend to provide extensions to the existing licenced networks. An application is currently being considered from UK Utilities (Electricity) Ltd.

To find out who bills your home however, you must contact the distributor for your area, who should be able to tell you your Mpan number and who currently charges for the elctricity for your home. The Mpan number comprises of two lines of numbers beginning with a capital "S" the generators' identity is denoted by the first two digits of the second line of that number.
The table below should help you find the correct information:-

Supply Area                                                                                                                            Distributor Identifier          Contact Number

Eastern England         1008456015467
East Midlands         1108456030618
London          1208456000102
North Wales, Merseyside & Cheshire         1308452709101
West Midlands         1408456030618
North Eastern England         1508456013268
North Western England         1608707510093
Northern Scotland          1708450262554
Southern Scotland         1808452709101
South Eastern England         1908456015467
Southern England         2008709050806
Southern Wales         2108456015972
South Western England         2208456015972
Yorkshire         2308456013268
Envoy see www.envoyonline.co.uk         2408450556199
ESP Electricity see www.espelectricity.com         2501372227560
Energetics see www.energetics-uk.com         2601698404949
GTC see www.gtc-uk.co.uk         2701359243292
ECG see www.ecgdistribution.com         28Not Available
EDF Energy (IDNO) Ltd         NANot Available
Results will comply with the Ofgem (UK Regulators) Confidence Code.